China rejects India’s OBOR statement, says international support speaks volumes

China has dismissed the concerns expressed by India to the initiative a leash, a path (OBOR) that violated India’s sovereignty and its lack of transparency, saying that today “the warm response of the international community speaks.”
In a statement to India today, the Chinese Foreign Ministry also reiterated its position on the China Economic-Economic Corridor (CPEC), that India has opposed its passage through Pakistan-occupied Kashmir saying, “it is not for the Is not relevant to disputes over territorial sovereignty and will not affect China’s position on the Kashmir issue. ”
On Saturday, a day before the big China Forum of the belt and highway, India issued its strongest statement to date of the plan, not only to express their concerns about the CPEC, but also more broad principles by Behind the OBOR, saying that “connectivity initiatives should be based on universally recognized international standards, good governance, rule of law, openness, transparency and equality” and “avoid projects that would create an unsustainable debt burden For communities “.
China reiterated its stance on Kashmir
In response to the statement, the Chinese Foreign Ministry told India Today: “We have taken note of the statement by the spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of India and the Belt Road Initiative was proposed in 2013 and four years more than 100 Countries around the world and international organizations have supported and participated in this initiative, the important resolutions adopted by the UN General Assembly and the Security Council in the speech of President Xi Jinping on the morning of May 14 in Opening ceremony of the strap and the Roadmap for international cooperation, developed the progress and achievements of the initiative in recent years in terms of politics, infrastructure, trade, finance and connectivity between people. This shows that the initiative of the belt and the road responds to the trend of the times, is in accordance with the law of development and meet the in Tereses of the town. Surely it has broad prospects. The Belt Forum and Road to international cooperation also speaks.
He also reiterated the comments made by Xi in the opening: “All countries must respect the sovereignty, dignity and territorial integrity of the other, the way of the social systems of each development, and their interests and the main concerns.”
As reported today in India, China has also formalized the CPEC status as a “flagship” OBOR project.
Discarding concerns of India, the Ministry said: “As for the question of Kashmir, the Indian side is concerned, we have emphasized that the remaining issue of history between India and Pakistan and the two sides must properly address Consultation and negotiation, the economic corridor between China and Pakistan is an economic cooperation initiative, it will be addressed to third parties, not relevant to disputes over territorial sovereignty and does not affect China’s position on the issue of Kashmir “.

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