History meets humour: Here’s why a trip to London should be on your bucket list

This millennium was supposed to last only five years, but was put into the habit of 17 years. The slow woodcutter takes 15 minutes to reach the top and it is fashionable for the elite to offer his darling in a booth all but “it could be the longest 15 minutes of his life if she said” no “like Mathew Samson, a passerby who caught me with attention to the wonder, put it.

No cars and taxis are allowed in the visitor’s areas of interest, which makes the city very equal, which is often a wonder that still lives behind these walls of granite scaffolding with embroidered doors.

All important buildings are rehabilitated. Prince Charles’s office is modest and is known to be a vehement critic of the ugly buildings in London surrounding St. Paul or interspersed between Globe Theater and ITV, but the guide’s joke is currently: “Charles knows something about ugliness, la.

For a city that sells royalties, Londoners are very upset to show more than 30 million visitors annually in the back of Buckingham Palace, the gardens open in a sunny and sunny August. Everyone knows that the queen is not there … “she prefers to stay away when visitors walk through the palace’s open halls.”

In smaller palaces, anecdotes about memorable kings and cholera; Whatever the stories, Londoners know how to amuse the lost visitor; the city is a city that thrives on tourism and great stories. The city knows how to literally feed the imagination of visitors: 18,000 restaurants, about 5,000 pubs and about 40 cafes and sit-outs per mile.

And people love to point out the attic of Elton John, “No one is there now, of course … everything blows in the wind …”, Hard Rock … the Beatles and Michael Jackson and Madonna and now John Beatty . The house of Jamaica Wine House, the first London cafe that opened in 1652, is one of the most famous pubs in the city.

Naturally, there are observations on how Peppy did “nothing” in the great London fire and simply wrote his diary. Only five (officially only 16 people) were killed in a fire that destroyed two-thirds of wooden London and also destroyed the city’s Great Plague. And how the great Christopher Wren rebuilt it in stone by stone.

They will even show you the steps you took to the ferry to cross the Thames when you built St. Paul. The 1212 fire, which the London stone bridge survived and was built, witnessed many fires, the last being that of the Grenfell Tower.

At Waterloo Bridge, “an excellent job, ladies,” thumb “, you built this bridge … although it was overseen by a man,” a little nerdy, but it’s London for you. Independent predictor Oxford Economics predicted that London will receive 35.6 million visitors by 2020.

And they simply move, or in the “hybrid” of electric buses or the tube, which itself is more than 150 years old. With babies, especially in strollers, toddlers, teens, everyone goes to London. Could we say that it’s great for London? Especially when one could be a tourist anywhere in the world. “Well, we have Ripley,” says my London bus driver from Africa.

It is amazing to see the number of people turning around Piccadilly and Trafalgar Square, watching a street game in Hyde Park or entering the eleven strange theaters in and around Leicester Square or just watching the jugglers performing or visiting in the city of China. Soho is no longer the scene of the James Bond crime; It has become an elite neighborhood.

And in London, the world financial center? All banks were transferred from Bank Street to Canary Wharf. Margaret Thatcher began living there for voting migrant banks, now that housing is office towers in Dockland. Money is in tourism not in the banks; Visitors to London spend almost £ 18 billion on hotels, restaurants, shops and annual visits.

London is a great survivor; will always take the risk. At PRET, with the Filipino family at the next table, all ears, a little talk about organic cappuccino or English breakfast refer to North Korea. And another story, of a famous artist placed in the dungeons of the Tower; When they took it out, they found it to be Trump.

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