Will Expose Lalu Yadav In Next 3 Days, Says Bihar’s New No. 2 Sushil Modi

Will Expose Lalu Yadav In Next 3 Days, Says Bihar’s New No. 2 Sushil Modi

Sushil Modi alleged Lalu Yadav has ties to the Bihar sand mafia
The new Deputy Minister said he was going to expose Mr. Yadav
The case of the ground weapon reopens; The role of Lalu Yadav’s son alleged
Sushil Modi, the new Chief Minister of Bihar said he would face in the next three days, according to him: Links Lalu Yadav of Bihar with the mafia arena.

Mr. Modi, who is the new Minister of Forestry, also ordered a new investigation into a “weapon of the earth” and his alleged role Tej Pratap Yadav claimed. Tej Pratap is the son of Lalu Yadav.

In the last 48 hours, more than a hundred people gathered and a case of illegal sand extraction was registered against Bhai Virendra, lawmaker RJD Lalu Yadav.

“More than 100 people were arrested in Patna, Bhojpur and seized at least six other districts and laden dozens of lorries,” Modi said Monday, listing the measures taken “in the three days following the NES-2 government put On the march against organized crime “.

To help with the repression, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has named KK Pathak, a bureaucrat will hold hard as chief secretary of the state mining department.

Sushil Modi, the leader of the largest BJP in Bihar, swore state government issue 2 last week with Nitish Kumar, Lalu Yadav who left Congress and re-associated with former Alli BJP.

M. Kumar put an end to the two-year alliance after Lalu Yadav has said that his son Tejashwi Yadav would not resign as deputy head of state despite allegations of corruption against him.

For the past three months, Sushil Modi, as the opposition leader, led a tireless campaign to explain what he claimed to have been many scams and land corruption cases by Lalu Yadav and his family, including his son and Tejashwi ministers And Tej Pratap.

At press conferences, Mr. Modi has provided documents which, according to him, has demonstrated his allegations of extreme corruption of the powerful Yadav family and demanded action against them.

The return of the BJP leader as deputy state minister – a position he took four years ago to break up Janata Dal-states Nitish Kumar and the BJP – means he is now able to sort out the investigations he had sought as opposition leader.

In April of this year, Mr. Modi alleged that two acres of land outside the state capital, Patna, was illegally transferred to Yadav, which leased a developer to build a shopping center and sold the plot of land The Patna Zoo, which was then run by the Forest Department under Tej Pratap Yadav.

The zoo has bought plot worth 44,000 rupees to build a road without seeking competitive offers. Then Mr. Modi had demanded that Tej Pratap Yadav be dismissed and a “high-level” investigation that has now been ordered.

New optical device can detect drugs, explosives

New optical device can detect drugs, explosives

Scientists have developed a new light-based sensor that can help detect drugs in the blood, remnants of explosives in the environment and follow the disease.

Scientists used an approach known as the name of spectroscopy, which involves the study of how light interacts with traces of material.
“This new optical device has the potential to improve our ability to detect all kinds of biological and chemical samples,” said Qiaoqiang Gan, associate professor at the University of Buffalo in the United States.

The new sensor works with light in the mid-infrared band of the electromagnetic spectrum.

This spectrum is used for most remote controls, night vision and other applications.

The sensor consists of two layers of metal with an interposed insulating intermediate.

Using a manufacturing technique called atomic layer deposition, the researchers created a device with lower zones at five nanometers (human hair is approximately 75,000 nanometers in diameter) between two metal layers.

These gaps allow the sensor to absorb up to 81% of infrared light, a significant improvement over the three percent absorbed similar devices, researchers reported.

The process is known as the name of the improved infrared absorption spectroscopy (SEIRA) surface.

The sensor, which acts as a substrate for the materials examined, increases the sensitivity of Seira devices to detect molecules at a resolution 100 to 1000 times higher than previously reported results, researchers reported.

The increase makes SEIRA spectroscopy similar to another type of spectroscopic analysis, Rama spectroscopy improved surface (SERS), which measures the scattering of light rather than absorption.

“SEIRA progress could be useful in any scenario that calls for finding traces of molecules,” said Dengxin Ji, a PhD student at Gan Laboratory.

“This includes but is not limited to the detection of drugs in the blood, materials to make bombs, art and fraudulent disease surveillance,” said Ji.

Prototype for First Interstellar Spacecraft Launched

Prototype for First Interstellar Spacecraft Launched

When you are going to explore the stars, chances are your first thoughts are as follows: Star Trek Enterprise: Massive ship equipped by hundreds of roaming stars that spread the good values of the Federation.

But Initiatives breakthrough, a research group focused on stellar exploration has a much more modest plan, and that is already tested.

Last week, the group successfully launched its first batch of six experimental operations. Called “sprites”, everyone is a little larger than a square inch, and only a few grams.

But even with such a thin frame, he managed to pack in communication antennas, a processor and a series of small sensors.

Project “Avance Starshot” Spalleras is known, aims to launch a small number of spacecraft to Alpha Centauri – our nearest celestial neighbor.

The idea is that if we can keep the work very, very small, it will be much easier to get machines of appreciable speed. Means a faster displacement than we can reach the stars before.

Yes we will not be able to send scouts or people with this technology but the hope is that we will learn enough about what is beyond our solar system that the company is worth more than that.

The sprites were made from a vehicle launching polar orbiting satellites from India and are now sitting in a low-Earth orbit, collecting data for research. Finally, the team hopes to make the art smaller.

Its final design will be called “StarChips” and works in the same way as the sprites; Only those will be built to travel nearly 20% of the speed of light – fast enough to reach Alpha Centauri in just 20 years, compared to tens of thousands that would be with conventional rockets.

The company also has big names, including astrophysicist Stephen Hawking. To start working quickly, the chips would have the power of a land or moon laser.

If it is strong enough and if the engineers behind the project can devise a way to fuse the Starchips with all that energy directed at them, then it can also have a viable candidate for stars.

The team wants to finally add everything from cameras, sensors and advanced navigation equipment to small propellers that allow the little guy to move around a bit.

And with each of those costing a small fraction of their biggest rocket brothers, we could literally send millions.

We could lose most of them along the way (after all, we still know very little about the dangers they can expect before the little kisses come out of their relatively safe star neighborhood)

And still get enough data to get useful data. Once the probes reached their target, we should have to wait four years to listen.

And it’s worth wondering how we can detect such a weak signal (again, the emitters will be tucked into something barely larger than a postage stamp), but our best minds are there.

The one TV show that Astronaut Scott Kelly binge watched to get through his one year in space

The one TV show that Astronaut Scott Kelly binge watched to get through his one year in space

Scott Kelly was the potelier of space exploration since returning from his marathon trip to the International Space Station, which lasted more than a full calendar year between 2015 and 2016.

The one-year shipment has not only been highly publicized and praised around the world but also allowed researchers and academics to have a clearer understanding than ever of the psychological and physical effects of spending in major periods.

Kelly did not participate in her first tour, but it is well known that the ISS is not exactly a luxury resort where you can spend your free time on yoga and spa treatments.

Although his stay was unprecedented, the veteran astronaut who has traveled the last frontier and beyond for many years and has made four towers knows a thing or two about the survival of the endless tedium of space travel.

But Kelly recently revealed in a press briefing that the only thing that went through his long journey in space was actually the hit fantasy series of HBO Game of Thrones.

Kelly, who is currently promoting the documentary Beyond a Year in Space, which is based on his last day on the ISS and back to Earth and events thereafter,

He revealed that if the mandate of his mission was mainly scientific, free time he had passed was like the people of the earth, watching downloaded programs, reading, and basically be attracted to the world of West and the Seven Kingdoms.
The PBS documentary will follow the first very popular section titled A Year in Space that made Kelly the celebrity she was now.

He follows his journey to Earth and the story of how he was brought back to life on the ground after having spent most of the days in space by any man in history.

Speaking to reporters at an event, Kelly also revealed that he had observed Game of Thrones not once but twice.

Scott Kelly’s Year in Space:
His marathon expedition included several scientific experiments on the human experience in space and has produced revolutionary results.

However, above all, Kelly has credited above all with popularizing and humanizing the concept of spending time in space – we must get used to everything with people like Elon Musk working overtime to put humans on Mars.

An engineer and a lifelong astronaut, Kelly retired recently was also very popular for his daily exploits in space that he became a true YouTube star. Not to mention, the goal of free attendance Kelly was also at stake:

Deaths of North Atlantic right whales puzzle Canadian scientists

Deaths of North Atlantic right whales puzzle Canadian scientists

TORONTO, July 31 (Reuters) – US conservatives are struggling to discover why North Atlantic whales are dying in unprecedented numbers, with nine deaths in the Gulf of Saint Martin

Lawrence in two months, according to Canadian officials.

The nine deaths are most pronounced in 2017 for the endangered marine mammal since scientists began tracking numbers in the 1980s, said Kim Davies, a postdoctoral fellow at Dalhousie University, who is a pioneer in Way to keep track of your activity in real time.

There are about fifty of the North Atlantic right and left whales in the world.

Human activity has caused at least part of this summer’s death.

Three whales died a brutal force trauma when being hit by a large vessel while another died after being trapped in fishing gear, said Monday Tonya Wimmer, director of Marine Response Society.

The whale corpses are so large, Wimmer and his colleagues need a backhoe to enter the animals to perform necropsies.

Whales, designated as endangered species, have been seen in the Gulf of St. Lawrence in greater than normal numbers this summer, Davies said, perhaps because their zooplankton food source is rarer in that other habitats such as the Gulf of Maine and the Bay of Fundy.

The Department of Fisheries and Oceans has closed a bit of snow crab fishing in early death and called on vessels in the high-traffic Gulf of San Lorenzo to voluntarily maintain their speed at 10 knots or less.

However, long-term solutions such as standards for speed, roads and equipment are needed to avoid more deaths such as these, Wimmer said.

“This is unprecedented, and it is catastrophic … For the sake of the species, it has to stop.” (Reporting by Anna Mehler Paperny, Editing by Sandra Maler)

Mysterious craters blowing out of Russia could mean trouble for the whole planet

Mysterious craters blowing out of Russia could mean trouble for the whole planet

The frozen soil of the Russian province, known as permafrost degrades, caused major changes in the landscape and ecology of the region. This could even endanger lives.

“The last time we saw a permafrost melt was 130,000 years ago. It is a natural phenomenon due to changes in Earth’s orbit,” said Earth science professor at Oxford University, Dr. Gideon Henderson .

“But this is certainly unprecedented is the rate of warming.The warming that occurred there 130,000 years ago happened thousands of years ago … What we see happening now, warms up for decades or a century.”

Thus we see a much faster collapse of permafrost, Henderson said.

Global Warming – but Faster

It is clear that the melting of permafrost has a significant effect on the climate, Henderson said.

Under normal conditions, permafrost regulates the amount of carbon in the environment by absorbing and storing significant atoms that release the human from the combustion of fossil fuels.

In the case of Siberia, this equation is reversed.

“When [permafrost] releases carbon, it will accelerate the rate of warming in the future,” Henderson said. A self-reinforced feedback loop is created through which the heating releases more atoms, resulting in increased heating.

Methane is 86 times worse than carbon dioxide

Since 2014, several massive wells were discovered in the area. The first could have been measured more than 50 feet wide.

There are several hypotheses on how craters form, but none of them have been proven, said Dr. Vladimir Romanovsky, professor of geophysics at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

“All these assumptions, however, use the fact that the temperature in the region increases,” Romanovsky said.

The formation of these crater-like holes could have important implications for the community of Siberia and the environment in general.

One theory suggests that holes are created when the trapped gas explodes. Carbon dioxide and methane, both greenhouse gases are released in the process.

According to conventional estimates, methane warms the planet 34 times larger than carbon dioxide over 100 years.

However, these estimates ignore the fact that methane in the atmosphere decomposes into carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas less potent after 10 to 20 years.

Over a 20-year period, methane from the warming potential is 86 times greater than that of carbon dioxide, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

It is still whether the formation of these craters contributes to significant amounts of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, according to the researchers.

“There is no estimate of the amount of methane released into the atmosphere, since we do not know how” these craters form, “Romanovsky said.

According to Henderson, scientists are not sure of the rate and types of gases ejected – especially methane is broken down into carbon dioxide before or after its release.

A beyond-telescope-range Asteroid, expected to fly past earth on 12th October keyed up NASA

A beyond-telescope-range Asteroid, expected to fly past earth on 12th October keyed up NASA

Scientists and astronomers at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) said they are very excited because the mysterious asteroid, called 2012 and TC4 places out of reach of telescopes, moves quickly towards Earth and must fly through our home planet 12 October 2017.

According to scientists, the asteroid, which could be as large as 100 feet in size, is unknown and will give scientists a unique opportunity to test their space exploration ability.

As has been said NASA scientists are “sure” that space rock hits or missed the planet, and not know how it will fly on Earth.

As revealed by NASA the mysterious asteroid should not be in the 4,200-mile region of Earth’s surface, but it can not be more specific about its proximity to Earth that is telescopes out since 2012.

According to Michael Kelley, leader of the observation campaign “NASA uses the 2012 TC4 overflight as a” test “.

As scientists at California-based NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) explained, “We are very excited about the proximity of a small, mysterious asteroid on Earth and we intend to use its closest approximation to Earth as The gold prospect not only for scientific discoveries but also to test the threat analysis capabilities of NASA’s network of observatories as well as scientists working closely with collaboration with planetary defense systems “.

The first and last flyby 2012 TC4 grounding occurred in 2012, after which it disappeared in the solar system and exceeded the range of telescopes.

While earlier, scientists had a detailed idea of most of the asteroids that were close to the earth and that they knew they were safely flying to the ground or causing damage, this time,

They are not sure if this asteroid beyond the telescope area will insure overview of the Earth and how it will approach Earth as it passes.

Turning carbon dioxide into fuel might be possible with this new material

Turning carbon dioxide into fuel might be possible with this new material

It is increasingly worried that the world will not limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius – the goal set out in the Paris Climate Change Agreement in order to avoid the most dangerous effects.

This has led scientists around the world to try to develop effective ways to remove carbon from the atmosphere.

To address the alarming problem of climate change, a “spongy” scientist, who can turn on the air fuel by removing carbon dioxide has developed.

The achievement is an important step forward in the development of technologies that can generate fuel while reducing the levels of a potent greenhouse gas with solar energy.

When exposed to visible light, a material, an organic crystal structure of nickel converts carbon dioxide (CO2) from carbon monoxide (CO) gas, which can be converted into liquid fuels, solvents and other useful products.

It works by converting carbon dioxide to carbon monoxide, which can be converted into a useful source of energy
The researcher noted that light-activated material was a “critical step” towards making a fuel value while reducing the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere

Representative image
“We show close to 100 percent selectivity for CO production without detection of competing products such as hydrogen or methane,” said scientist Haimei Zheng at the US Department of Energy’s National Laboratory Lawrence Berkeley (Berkeley Lab)
More information about the search:

Interest in the development of catalysts for the reduction of solar energy from carbon dioxide to generate fuel increased with the rapid consumption of fossil fuels in the last century and with the desire of renewable energy sources

“The complete elimination of the competitive evolution of hydrogen during a photocatalytic CO 2 conversion of CO had not been carried out before our work,” said Zheng
The researchers have developed an innovative laser chemical method for the creation of an organometallic material

The nickel precursors were dissolved in triethyleneglycol solution and exposed to the solution of a non-focused infrared laser, which caused a chain reaction in the solution when the metal absorbed light

The resulting reaction formed the metal-organic composites which were then separated from the solution. “When we change the wavelength of the laser, we would have different composites,” said Niu Kaiyang, a materials scientist at Zheng’s lab.

“We have therefore determined that the reactions were activated by light instead of the activation of heat,” said Niu

Father, son prepare for eclipse after missed 1979 viewing

Father, son prepare for eclipse after missed 1979 viewing

The veteran and amateur astronomer of World War II were devastated when their devastated friends lived a dark sky in the middle of the day.

“Everyone who was outside began to see, and they enjoyed telling me all this – and I was hurt by it,” said brick, now 92.

“But work, you know.”
Brick will have another chance to witness the story of this month, when a total eclipse of the Sun started its way through the US. In Oregon.

It was missing in 1979 covered the Pacific Northwest and parts of Canada. The total eclipse will be visible from coast to coast, which has not happened for 99 years.

Brick intends to see the event with his son using two telescopes: a new vision of the future and the other two did it 53 years ago in his basement.

The men look at the sun through the two during the entire eclipse, when the moon’s shadow totally covers the sun for a little more than two minutes.

They also use special filters to photograph the eclipse through the new machine.

Brick, who survived a kamikaze attack against the USS Drexler during the battle of Okinawa, opportunity is the experience of his life.

This acquisition of part of a video shows Gene Brick, 92, left, and his son, Bartt Brick, looking through a telescope in Madras, Oregon. June 12, 2017, they did together in 1964. Both planned to see the next solar eclipse set August 21, 2017, through Oregon.

“I’ve always liked to see the moon,” he said, after looking through the telescope, the couple worked in 1964. “Whenever I do.”

The bricks will be a prime location for father and son time. The city of Madras in central Oregon, lies in the desert, where the summer sky is usually clear and cloudless.

It is expected that 100,000 people arrive in and around Jefferson County for the August 21 event, fearing overcrowding and traffic.

The brick son, brick Bartt, is on the council of Madras and will call during the eclipse. But take the time to see the important event with your father to him.

The oldest brick earned the last four credits he needed for his high school diploma when he enrolled in the United States Navy and never went to college, but even in his 90s he studied particle physics.

The couple decided to build the telescope when the young brick was 14 years after finding a piece of glass in the garage of his great-grandfather who was crushed by the hand of a concave lens for a telescope.

Brick Gene worked long difficult days cutting logs to the factory and continued overnight working on the project with his teenage son.

“We had bought a book about telescopes and a new dictionary, and after about four months or five, we had a telescope,” said Bartt Brick on a recent summer day.

“I sleep about half the night,” added his father with a smile.

Full text: Snapdeal’s Kunal Bahl, Rohit Bansal tell staff ‘new path’ already profitable at gross level

Full text: Snapdeal’s Kunal Bahl, Rohit Bansal tell staff ‘new path’ already profitable at gross level

Snapdeal of conversations with Flipkart were canceled with the founders of the old commission to an independent road and a version of “Snapdeal 2.0”.

Firstpost mail received Kunal Bahl and Rohit Bansal wrote Snapdeal employees through the sources.

In the letter, they said that with the continued rationalization of costs and the sale of certain assets, such as Freecharge, “we are financially independent as a company and we do not need to generate additional capital to satisfy profitability.”

Recently, the company sold the mobile payment solutions company, Freecharge which it bought in 2015 for about Rs 2.500 crore to Rs 385 crore at Shaft Bank.

“… The opportunity for e-commerce in India is huge, and the surface of this market of 200 billion has barely been scratched,” said the letter’s founders, showing good face although media reported. 80 percent of its staff.

In recent months, our company has participated in strategic discussions with other stakeholders. A lot of time and effort in the process of all participants in this exhausting process.

The process led to intense speculation and uncertainty for our team, our partners and our shareholders. And now is the time to end this saga.

We will continue the Snapdeal tour as an independent company. As we have said many times, the opportunity for e-commerce in India is enormous and the size of this 200 billion market has barely been scratched.

We have a great team, millions of loyal customers, hundreds of thousands of motivated marketers and a phenomenal platform that was built with years of effort. All the ingredients for success have always been present in our society.

And after months of tumultuesse, it is time to focus on the business and take advantage of all the advantages we have to move towards our vision of building the best market to connect buyers to sellers in India.

The correct question is why we are moving independently, although much effort has been made to determine a strategic combination.

There are some reasons that go beyond the fact that the planned deal was incredibly complex to execute, as reported by the media.

First, there will be no successful model for e-commerce in India. In all markets, there are several successful e-commerce companies, as their strategy is differentiated and has a road to success, there is an excellent business that can be built.